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    If you are an issuer of credit or debit cards, closed loop cards, or an acquiring bank keen on increasing current accounts or a lender wanting to originate consumer or merchant loans, Innoviti provides you a one-stop shop to access more than 70M consumers and 20,000 merchant accounts across 1000+ cities in India. Our fully digital platform provides you modern tools to integrate easily, identify the customer base you wish to access and start your business. You grow faster with lesser effort.

    How Partners Benefit

    Acquire More Current Accounts, Grow Current Accounts Balances

    Acquiring Banks can plug-in to the platform and access and acquire current accounts of offline merchants. Our Customer Success Team will be happy to introduce your products to our merchants and setup dialogue. Acquiring Banks can then negotiate deals with these merchants to process more of their transactions. They can decide how much volume they want, debit or credit cards or just some specific cards.

    Now here comes the magic. Innoviti’s MultiBankAcquiring technology can at the turn of a knob execute the bilateral arrangement between you and the merchant. No need to wait for installations, roll-out, instantly the processing volume will start flowing to the merchant’s current account maintained in your bank.

    Non-Acquiring Banks can also plug-in to the platform and protect the attack on their current accounts from Acquiring Banks. Our National Accounts Management Team will be happy to onboard your current account merchants onto our platform and ensure that their daily processing volumes go to the merchant’s current account maintained in your bank.

    Larger Wallet Share for Payment Brands

    Bank Card Issuers, Card Schemes, 3rd Party Payment Service Providers (PSPs), Meal Card Issuers and Retail Lenders can all use the multiple custom promotion flexibilities offered by the Innoviti platform to drive brand preference for their specific payment instrument or offering – like specific bank card or specific UPI payment app or a proprietary card from consumer lending institution or employee benefits provider etc.

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    Originate Consumer Loans

    Banks /NBFCs and other Consumer Lending Institutions can use the multiple custom EMI promotion templates offered by the Innoviti payments platform to originate more loans at retail tills – with complete flexibility to configure context-specific conditionalities including varying interest subvention partnerships with other interested partners like a merchant or product brands.

    Originate SME Working Capital Loans

    Banks /NBFCs wanting to access working capital loan needs of small businesses can use the platform to originate working capital loans.

    Meet our Partners

    Innoviti’s plug-and-play platform architecture enables multiple players across India’s Payments eco-system to offer their individual value added services and access opportunities to structure joint promotional offers at retail merchants who already use the platform. Partners typically use the platform for a variety of objectives ranging from gaining new users and driving usage volume, to introducing new services or encouraging specific usage habits amongst loyal users.

    EMI and Acquiring Banks

    Card Scheme Partners

    UPI Applications


    Loyalty Points, Employee Benefit & Other Partners

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