With Innoviti’s Collaborative Commerce Platform, banks can retain, engage and grow their customer base more efficiently than possible otherwise.

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How can banks benefit from partnering with us?

More Current Accounts

Acquire more current accounts

Our multi-acquiring payments platform enables acquiring banks to easily access and open current accounts for thousands of merchants already integrated onto the platform.

Current Account Balance

On-demand grow current account balance

Our advanced routing engine allows acquiring banks to incentivize merchants for routing payment inflows into current accounts held with their banks, reducing their cost of funds.

Credit Debit Cards

Drive preference for their credit/debit cards

Our smart marketing platform enables card issuers to provide attractive instant cashback and real-time loyalty points earn/ burn programs at the point-of-sale.

Originate Consumer Loans

Originate consumer loans

Our intelligent installment platform helps lenders and credit/debit card issuers originate loans at the point-of-sale through attractive EMI and Buy Now Pay Later plans.

Key Bank Tie-Ups

How do other financial service providers benefit from us?

With 70 million consumers transacting through Innoviti every year, our merchant base provides a ready base for any new financial service provider to distribute their services at scale and a variable cost of acquisition:

Key financial service providers