One Platform, Multiple Integration Options

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    If you are a billing application provider, we would love to partner with you. Our payment solutions become that much more powerful when integrated with the billing application of the merchant. Together we can add value to each other’s applications by enhancing their use cases. We can then jointly distribute the products to gain more customers and retain them. We have integrated with 100+ billing applications that are serving more than 150M transactions annually from 1000+ cities.

    Integrations Types by End Use Case

    Our Billing Application Partners use integrations with Innoviti Payments Platform to support a variety of end use cases as per the specific business context their client merchants

    Financial Reconciliation

    Eliminate scope for human input errors via seamless automated transfer of key transaction processing details like payment amount and Bank transaction approval codes between your billing system and your Innoviti POS terminal.

    No more manual reconciliation of missed settlements – get convenient automated Daily Settlement Reconciliation Reports to easily trace individual transaction vs. payment linkages.

    Marketing Promotions

    Activate flexible front-end Marketing Promotion Offers via seamless automated transfer of key promotion processing details like payment tender mode chosen or discounted price

    Regulatory Compliance

    Ensure systemic automated front-end regulatory compliance while processing restricted payment transactions like Sodexo/Accor Meal Card purchases. On detecting Sodexo Payment tender mode, billing application splits customer bill into 2 separate Food & Non-Food invoices.

    Integrated Innoviti POS terminal processes 2 separate payment transactions – with only food bill processed via Sodexo card tender mode .

    Ensure requisite back-end audit trail for compliance needs.

    Customer Experience

    Activate use-case specific Innoviti Platform integrations that enable superior customer experience delivery in service-oriented businesses like at-patron table billing and payment in a restaurant.

    Instead of conventional triggering of bill payment from centralised server, Innoviti POS integration for restaurants can itself trigger and seamlessly ‘pull’ relevant table’s invoice by passing specific table identification id.

    Enables convenient at-table payment option by patrons as & when cheque is called for.

    Fraud Control

    Use Innoviti platform Integrations to prevent misuse/fraud of brand promotional budgets via SKU-level validation check when processing promotional transactions limited to specific products/brands.

    Integration enables billing application to seamlessly pass to Innoviti terminal the identity code for SKU being processed, allowing Innoviti payments server to cross check eligibility before processing.

    Integrations to Support Multiple Configuration Types

    One Platform, Multiple Integration Options

    Multi-Lane Integrations

    Integration over USB for multi-lane retail

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    In-store Queue Busting Integration

    Integration over Bluetooth with mobile based billing applications for roaming agents.

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    #Wireless Integration

    Delivery Integration

    Integration over Internet with server billing applications for delivery agents.

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    On-device Android Integration

    Local integration between billing and payment application both running on the same terminal for enhanced consumer experience.

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    Over 90%+ of Innoviti’s installed POS Payment terminals are integrated with their respective
    merchant Billing POS applications, extending to over 100+ Billing Application softwares across almost 900+ cities pan-India

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