Innoviti’s Collaborative Commerce Platform is the fastest way for a brand to acquire new customers and grow. Collaborate with brands that reach out to a similar audience to enjoy the best efficiencies.

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How do brands benefit from us?

Access Consumers

Access consumers already trusting another brand

Our smart market platform enables brands to target consumers of banks and merchants on the platform. Consumers are 2X more likely to try a new brand if brands they are loyal to introduce them.

Share Marketing Budgets

Share marketing budgets

Our data-driven discovery engine enables brands to discover joint promotions opportunities with banks and brands. They can time promotions, slashing marketing budgets through a 3-way sharing.

Design Innovative Promotions

Design innovative promotions

Our sophisticated rule engine combines payment options (EMI, cashback, loyalty points) with product SKUs to create offers that cut through the clutter.

Control Promotions Delivery

Control promotions delivery

Our re-engineering payment channels ensure SKU data, and customer and merchant identity are validated before the offer application, preventing any fraudulent use.

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