Emi Wallet

Innoviti emi wallet

Innoviti emi wallet

Help change customer hesitation to celebration by offering them zero-cost EMI on any product they want!

For the first time in India customers can buy any product in your store on zero-cost EMI. Our technology runs across 40 different categories including home & furnishing, cycle stores, gyms, fashion & apparel stores and dental clinics.

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Help your customer buy now
pay later and experience:

  • Increase in cart value
  • Faster conversion
  • Increase in sales
  • Increase in walk ins
  • Preference for your store over competitors

Key Features of Innoviti emi wallet

Emi Wallet

Sell anything on EMI

Use your rechargeable emi wallet worth Rs 2,00,000 and use it to sell anything on zero cost emi with no added cost to you or your customer.

Instant Rewards

Get listed on our partner bank networks

Get listed on our partner bank websites and market your store through their channels to their millions of customers.

How are we able to source Zero Cost EMIs?

As a collaborative commerce platform, Innoviti works with banks to source a portion of their marketing budgets to subsume the interest of the EMI

We are available on over 110+ bank debit and credit cards

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Ojas Sales

I have been able to sell more with Innoviti’s EMI Wallet and I highly recommend buying this to all merchants

Tech Spec

It comes handy to sell products on Zero Cost EMI which are not part of Brand Schemes

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