Frequently Asked Questions Patent No 309274

Frequently Asked Questions Patent No 309274

19 July 2019


  1. What is this patent about?

    Answer: This patent makes QR based payments safer.

  2. What is the difference of this with other QR based payments we use every day?

    Answer: You will usually come across two kinds of QR based payments: 2.1) A static QR that includes payee ID and shown as a sticker or plastic stand: This has the following issues:

    1. Amount needs to be entered by payer, leading to possible human errors and fraud
    2. Somebody can stick a different QR on top and divert payments to their account.
    3. There is no easy way to reconcile the payments.

  3. 2.2) A dynamic QR shown on an electronic display such as mobile phone, tablet or website that includes payee ID and amount. This has the following issues:

    1. The QR code is not automatically extinguished once payment is received. This allows for multiple payments to be received and is open to fraud.
    2. There is no easy way to reconcile the payments since multiple transactions can be made against it.

    2.3)The technology in this patent describes a system wherein a transaction-specific, unique-QR code including the payee ID, amount and transaction-specific identifier is created. This QR code automatically extinguishes once payment is received against it. This has the following benefits:

    1. No human errors since amount is embedded in code.
    2. No possibility of fraud since only one successful payment can be done against one QR instance.
    3. Full reconciliation.

  4. What kind of QR transactions can it be used with?

    Answer: It can be used for any kind of QR transactions, including payment transactions, where for one payment request, only one response should be received.

  5. Can this technology be used by anyone?

    Answer: Any organization can license this technology from Innoviti and make products using it.