Go Green with unified digital invoice and charge-slip

Millenials and Gen Zs are 70% more likely to buy from a brand if their mission carries efforts to save the planet. Innoviti brings you Go Green Unified Digital Bill & Chargeslip (GGUDC), a tool with which you can now send not only a digital invoice, but also a unified charge-slip. Create a strong Go Green brand and attract more customers. Save 17 lacs per year on paper roll cost, 28000 liters of water and 20 trees annually by choosing to go digital

How does it work?

GGUDC uses advanced technology to combine the data of an invoice and its payment charge-slip data into a unified GGUDC receipt, that is then sent over an SMS or WhatsApp channel.
Start conversations with your customer’s digital footprints

Start conversations with your customer’s digital footprints

Start collecting customer mobile number to build long-term engagement.  Use GGUDC dynamic and interactive design to  start collecting customer feedback, boost app downloads, display interactive advertisements and do much more.
Ease up your chargeback management

Ease up your chargeback management

When a customer disputes a payment to their bank, the merchant has to provide an invoice of the goods delivered against the payment. With GGUDC, you can search for the bill behind the payment using the payment approval code, and send the GGUDC receipt, that will include both the invoice and the charge-slip in a single click. Save hours and reduce changes of bank penalty.
No need to make any changes to your billing software

No need to make any changes to your billing software

Our patented technology self-integrates with any billing software without any coding required from your billing vendor.  Just install and start using it.

Unleash the infinite possibilities of your
customer’s digital footprints

For every transaction,
save 0.03 Trees

Save 10 seconds it takes to print an invoice.

Save 15 seconds it takes to print a charge-slip.

Reduce transaction cost
by 30p

Reduce cost of running dedicated customer feedback systems

Reduce marketing cost with targeted advertisements

Calculate your environmental impact

Average number of transactions per day: 100

That’s an annual environmental impact equivalent to…

9500 m

of receipt paper

91 kg

of CO2

21 kg

of waste


plastic bags

Go Green! Attract customers who care for the planet,
while saving time and money

In every purchase you need to give your customer a bill and if the customer pays digitally, a payment receipt.  A unified digital invoice and charge-slip integrates these two paper prints into a single unified digital file that is sent to the customer’s mobile over SMS or WhatsApp.

Yes. You can download the digital invoice and save it on your device

Businesses can send digital invoices through an SMS or WhatsApp, resulting in saving huge operational costs

No. Digital invoice will be received on SMS and will open on any browser on the user’s device

Unlike physical receipts, Digital invoices do not require printers and papers. A digital invoice connects to various customer touchpoints. Businesses can advertise their products, collect customer feedback, drive mobile application downloads and so on