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    Tools to master mobile sales

    • Are you losing mobile sales to online and LFRs?
    • Do you want to learn the tools online and LFRs use to sell more?
    • Do you want every sales promoter to become the best?

    Vinay is a promoter in Expert Mobiles, Hazrat Ganj, Lucknow.  He always closes a deal. When he is in the shop, mobiles sell like garam jalebis. Once Raj came to ask for an address. Vinay not only dropped him on his scooter, he also sold him a mobile!

    4 out of 5 promoters struggle to close a sale.  Vinay says, “He follows 3 simple techniques for selling, they always work.”

    1. Understand why the customer wants to buy a specific model: Customers search online and come to the shop wanting a specific model. Vinay understands why they want that model and uses his first tool to gain customer’s trust.

    2. Customers see the price online and come to the shop to ask for a better price. Vinay understands their budget and uses his second tool to get the highest price. Understand the customer’s budget:

    3. Understand the offers running in market: Customers usually are not aware of all the offers, but just want the best deal. Vinay makes them aware and uses his third tool to close the deal.

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