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    Innoviti’s AI platform Sparcs helps our partners make informed business decisions. This helps our merchant, bank and brand partners know what they cannot infer from conventional MIS.

    Sparcs uses AI to intelligently process millions of transaction data points, information along with authoritative information available through public sites to create category and geographic insights. This is helping customers see what is not visible through their own data and use it for getting that extra sales, extra savings, extra customers.

    Architected as a Low Code Application Platform (LCAP), Sparcs is a modern tool that enables progressive merchants to directly integrate their own reporting systems with Sparcs through APIs, helping them with one view of their business. Its users can also customize their own dashboards, configure alerts, and track performance against targets, enabling them to take faster and more accurate decisions about their business.

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    How to view sales analysis on Sparcs?

    • Log in to Sparcs reporting portal
    • Click Dashboard
    • Select data range, Chain, Store
    • Scroll to view your sales analysis report

    How to view live daily transactions on Sparcs?

    • Log in to Sparcs reporting portal
    • Click Transaction Report & Daily transaction report
    • Select data range, Chain, Store
    • Click ‘Export to CSV’ to download the report

    How to view & download digital chargeslip?

    • Log in to Sparcs reporting portal
    • Click ‘Transaction Report’ & ‘Daily transaction report’
    • Click ‘Get receipt’ to open the digital chargeslip

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