Easy short-term loans to fuel your business cycle

A unique tech-based digital lending platform, this solution connects 3 key parties in the credit supply process – Dealers who need working capital credit, their Principal Suppliers and Lending Institutions like Banks/NBDCs – to make hassle-free loans available.
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    A guiding principle that drives the sustainable success of the smelending.com platform is the unique win-win-win proposition it creates for all the 3 key participants on the platform – Dealers, Principals and Lenders. Dealers get the benefit of easy, reliable short term business loans, their Principal (Supplier) benefits from better control and reduced uncertainty over their business receivables, and Lenders get a convenient and cost-efficient platform to build a viable loan book with better risk control and reduced operational costs.

    Over 24,000+ dealers across 30+ cities in India benefit from the easy short term credit provided by the smelending.com platform. Using their smelending.com card, they can avail pre-approved, collateral-free 30-Day loans which helps them manage cash flows during their monthly business cycle.

    “These 30 day loans are very helpful in growing my business. I can now increase my inventory spread and also stock up more, which leads to more customer satisfaction. One really good part for small merchants like me is that the 30 day period starts only after order delivery.”

    Mr. Bhupal Reddy,
    Imperial Kitchen, PSK of TTK Prestige, KR Puram, Bangalore.