Ensure A Bill Prints Only If Paid

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    With rapid checkouts happening and multiple payment options, are you anxious about double-debits or cashier missing out payments?

    With UPI, credit/debit and Sodexo card options, your counter is cluttered with machines. With customers impatient at checkout, your cashier is constantly struggling to make sure they don’t miss any payment. God forbid if the customer gets a SMS and you don’t get a charge-slip, all hell breaks loose. As a progressive retailer you invested into good billing software, inventory software, but did you just get a payment terminal for accepting digital payments. What you need is a payment solution to take care of your anxiety and disputes.

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    Get uniPAYNEXT, the payment solution that controls bill printing

    1. uniPAYNEXT with built-in integrations to most billing applications is the answer to your worries.
    2. It works seamlessly with UPI, credit/debit cards and Sodexo and other cards
    3. uniPAYNEXT provides for food & grocery stores:
      1. Single solution to accept all forms of payments, UPI, credit/debit and Sodexo cards.
      2. Extensive set of in-built integrations with most billing software ensuring bills print only after payment approval is received.
      3. Battle tested reliability that removes need for backup machine
      4. Faster transactions saving checkout time and improving customer experience
      5. Easy and quick search-click-retrieval of e-chargeslips for chargeback and double-debit management.
      6. One view of all payments through any mode happening across your stores on your mobile, in real-time.

    Backed by best technology and zero tolerance to service issues, ofcourse we support all the usual features that payment terminals do

    1. We have the best engineers no wonder we are the only payments company in India to hold patents. Our products don’t fail, but in the remote case they do, our modern highly motivated service team ensures quick and accurate recovery
    2. Our technology and service excellence shows:
      1. Highest monthly throughput in country of Rs. 5 lakhs/terminal, 2X of anyone else
      2. Automated service operations from 1000+ cities
      3. Only payments company with patents – 2 awarded, 14 pending

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    Over 150,000+ Innoviti POS terminal installations, across multiple industry segments in over 900+ cities, benefit from the promotion-structuring flexibility and best-in-class operating speed (#ViewTxnTime) and reliability (#99%TxnReliability), of the uniPAYNEXT integrated payments processing platform.

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