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    As retailers of furniture and kitchen appliances, you see customers navigating between need and desire. A need in the mind that fits their wallet, but a desire in their hearts that requires more cash. Converting the need to desire can multiply your margins while delighting the customer and deepening their engagement. What you need is a payment solution that can help you utilize the power of digital payments beyond a terminal. Help you craft EMI schemes for your customer that fits their budget and fuels their desire. Welcome to uniPAYNEXT.


    Get uniPAYNEXT, the new way to pay

    1. uniPAYNEXT intelligently uses information about what the customer is buying to suggest EMI options that are best suited to their wallet and plans.
    2. uniPAYNEXT provides for furniture and home appliance stores:
      1. Ability to provide a large suite of flexible EMI options.
      2. Ability to waive off EMI interest cost on some products while charging on the others, converting the payment options to a promotion tool.
      3. Ability to apply discounts offers on UPI or card payments.
      4. A set of modern tools for friction-less offer delivery so that the cashier does not need to remember the offers.
      5. Instant retrieval and emailing of electronic charge-slips.
      6. A set of modern analytic tools to understand offer uptake through Innoviti’s Sparcs reporting system.
      7. Battle tested integrations with Homecentre and Sleek Kitchen.

    Backed by best technology and zero tolerance to service issues, ofcourse we support all the usual features that payment terminals do

    1. We have the best engineers, no wonder we are the only payments company in India to hold patents. Our products don’t fail, but in the remote case they do, our modern highly motivated service team ensures quick and accurate recovery.
    2. Our technology and service excellence shows:
      1. Highest monthly throughput in country of Rs. 5 lakhs/terminal, 2X of anyone else
      2. Automated service operations from 1000+ cities
      3. Only payments company with patents – 2 awarded, 14 pending

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    Over 150,000+ Innoviti POS terminal installations, across multiple industry segments in over 900+ cities, benefit from the promotion-structuring flexibility and best-in-class operating speed (#ViewTxnTime) and reliability (#99%TxnReliability), of the uniPAYNEXT integrated payments processing platform.


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