Enhanced Lounge Access Network middleware for card issuers and consumer brands

ELAN is for progressive card issuers, consumer brands and lounge operators, who want to optimize the ROI on lifestyle experiences awarded to loyal consumers, while enhancing access to the experiences. It uses Innoviti’s legendary uniPAYNext platform, that runs promotion experiences for 18 out of top 20 retail brands of India.

Control who gets what experience based on their loyalty with the brand

Are you rewarding lounge visits to customers who don’t spend enough with your brand?

Now with ELAN you can control who gets how many visits and to which lounges based on their real-time spends. You can give additional spends-linked and occassion-linked visits. Now with ELAN you can improve the ROI on your lounge spends.

Display lounge visit availability in real-time

Are your most privileged customers skipping the lounge due to long queues?

Now with ELAN customers can see how many lounge visits are available right from their bank or brand app. They don’t need to face the embarrassment of rejection. Now with ELAN enhance your customer’s lifestyle experience and reduce complaints.

Convert your reward points into lounge access

Are your customers inconvenienced when their lounge visits are over?
Now with ELAN, customers can redeem reward points for additional visits. They can pay for visits through points + cash. Now with ELAN you can increase brand spends while enhancing customer retention.

How does elan work?

Just open the elan mobile app on your Android or iOS device, check you available lounge acess balance, click on
‘redeem’ to generate a QR code, scan the same at the reception and enter the lounge!