Card & UPI acceptance POS for progressive merchants

uniPAYNext is for progressive merchants who understand hidden costs in payments beyond MDR, and want to optimize it. It not only enables them to accept credit/debit cards, UPI, EMIs, eRupee, but also optimizes reconciliation cost, bank MDR and payment infrastructure cost.

18 of India’s top 20 retailers including Reliance, Tanishq, Shoppers Stop and others use Innoviti to stay one step ahead.

Work with multiple acquiring banks using only one POS

Do you switch acquiring banks to optimize MDR? Is every switch a hassle?

Now with uniPAYNext you can support multiple acquiring banks, negotiate prices for different transactions with each bank, and send to each bank those transactions they charge the least for. Now you can save up to 10% of your MDR cost without changing your POS.

Reconcile every bill with its digital payment in real-time

Is reconciling digital payments with store billing a daily hassle?
Now with uniPAYNext you can automatically integrate the authorization code received from banks for every card, UPI, EMI and eRupee transaction with your bill, with no manual intervention. You can not only save manual effort, but also eliminate store payment fraud.

Get your payment POS serviced before the cashier complains

Are you experiencing payment system failures over weekends?

uniPAYNext’s legendary AI-enabled after-sales support continuously monitors transactions, predicts failure and proactively schedules visits before the cashier can complain. Asking for support is also cost, downtime is also cost, now with uniPAYNext, save both. 

Trusted by India's Leading Merchants

What is a POS machine?

A POS (Point of Sale) machine, also known as a POS terminal or card terminal, is a device used by businesses to accept payments, complete sales and reconcile the payment made with the bill.

uniPAYNext POS machine software has mulitple benefits to your busineess. 1. You can accept all digital Payments, including Credit Card, Debit Cards, UPI and the latest digital rupee too. 2. You can automatically reconcile the payments made with the bills. 3. You can run product specific promotions and so on

If you intend to buy a uniPAYNext for your business, please drop an email at

As a new merchant, you can easily start accepting digital payments and automatically reconcile the payments associated with the bill in 48-72h, provided the transaction routing rules and necessary documents are in place