Payment Collection & Tracking App for Businesses Selling on Social Media

link app allows you to not only collect payments from anywhere using UPI, Card or attractive EMI schemes, but also provides an unprecedented visibility into your customers interactions with the collection requests.

Brought to you by Innoviti, India’s largest Payments-based Retail SaaS platform that powers 9 out of top 10 retailers in the country from 2000+ cities, and 30,000+ stores.


Eliminate anxiety in collecting remote payments

Selling through social media is an attractive way to grow, but collecting payments can be a nightmare. You send them a QR or tell them your phone number to pay through UPI, but you have to keep following up with customer whether they have paid. This lack of visibilty into what the customer is doing about your payment can cause anxiety.

Managing multiple calls, WhatsApp messages can be tiring. link empowers you to send a payment link with no amount limit, and to witness, in real-time, whether customer is engaging with the link. Now no more surprises, no more phone calls. Save time and hassle and use it to grow your business. Every day more than 100,000 users are using link, you can too.

Eliminate hassle of sending and managing multiple messages to multiple customers

Finalizing a product and price is exciting for a customer. You ask for the payment, and now the worry starts. Am I paying for the right product, am I paying the right amount, to the right merchant. What if  payment goes somewhere else.

link empowers you to send an visual payment link that includes your product photo, the amount, your contact details and your business name, all in one message. You win customer loyalty and admiration, as he sees you as new age merchant.

No more waiting for fund transfer

t+1 fund transfer? No more. Receive your fund transfer into your account, within seconds of the customer making payment, irrespective of whether the payment was via card, EMI or UPI.

Streamlined reconciliation and customer history tracking

You have a doubt about who all have paid, and want a real-time report.  But either you need to see transactions from the app, or the report will come next day.  With link, you can get your reconciliation report on-demand, 24×7, into your mailbox as an Excel sheet.  No need to wait, take control of your time.    Also, gain valuable insights into your customers’ purchasing history, to win their loyalty with customized offers.

3 Steps and 2 Minutes to get started

Upgrade your payment collection experience today. Embrace the future of payments with our efficient, cost-effective, and transparent solution.

How easy is it to get started?

As simple as A,B,C.Download and send out your first link in under 2 mins. Get started in 3 easy steps, send your first collection link by clicking below..

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need is a valid GST number to start experience the link App. Click here to try it now!

You can now collect payment via UPI, credit cards, debit cards and also offer attractive EMI schemes and ensure you never lose a sale

With link you can easily track if the link was sent out to the customer, if the customer opened the link and payment has happened.

You can collect up 1 lakh on UPI and upto 2 lakhs on card and EMI modes

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