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Turning payment transactions into business collaborations

Is Your Payment Solution Just Another Terminal?

A payment solution needs to be more than just a terminal. What if it could help eliminate hassles by automating all your store payment processes. What if it could help increase sales by partnering with brands and banks to run cashback and EMI programs? Your business would grow faster with lesser efforts.

Innoviti’s range of thoughtfully designed solutions do just that. Our vision is to simplify your life through delightful experiences that release your time and make you less anxious, so that you can dream about your next big idea, leaving everything to do with payments to us. No wonder every month the number of consumers transacting on any of our terminal solutions is twice that of any other terminal in the country.

Fully Automated Payment Solutions for Progressive Retailers

For progressive retailers investing in software for digital billing and accounting, Innoviti’s uniPAYNEXT payment solution completes your digital transformation.  Meticulously designed modern payment management tools help you automate your payments reconciliation and ease up your double-debit and chargeback dispute management.  You get a real-time view of payments happening in your store, without yourself being there in each store. You can explore sales promotions by partnering with brands and banks connected to uniPAYNEXT to run cashbacks and EMI programs.  You grow faster with lesser efforts.

Payment solutions for the progressive retailer

Out-of-the-Box EMI Payment Solutions for Ambitious Store Owners

For ambitious entrepreneurs selling mobiles, durables, laptops, software, furniture, kitchen appliances and other such high value items, running EMI offers is key to sales growth. Most commonly available terminals extend zero cost EMI schemes of brands to your consumers, but these schemes are not available on all products.  They also don’t run on all credit cards, or throughput the year. Innoviti’s TotalEMI and AnyCardEMI solutions bring the control of EMI schemes right in your hands. You decide on which product, on which card and when to support EMI schemes. When to charge and when to make it free. Now design your own schemes and unleash your sales.  You grow faster with lesser efforts.

EMI payment solutions for the ambitious store owner

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Why Innoviti Terminals Have Highest Monthly Throughput?

Obsession with data – 150 Million Transactions Annually, and growing

We use data collected from across systems to discover hidden opportunities and automate mundane tasks. You grow faster with lesser efforts.

Obsession with technology – 16 Patents, and growing

We use technology to bring together banks and brands interested in promoting your sales to share your promotion budgets. You grow faster with lesser efforts.

Obsession with excellence – Monthly Throughput 2X of National Average, and growing

We believe in the relentless pursuit of excellence in whatever we do. Be it design, software, support or our engagement with you. You grow faster with lesser efforts.

Best in class customer support

We make you the focal point of dedicated Innoviti service network where you get real-time assistance using our 16×7 WhatsApp support and backend technical support. Any hardware issues are resolved by our field officers across 1,000 + towns & cities.

What our customers say?

At HDFC Bank, we have always been at the forefront of digitalisation so we can offer convenience and flexibility to the eco-system. We are therefore delighted to offer our HDFC Bank DigiPOS suite of services across Innoviti POS terminals. It will enable retailers to seamlessly process UPI and Bharat QR transactions on their existing POS machines while also staying compliant with recent changes in regulation.
Mr. Parag Rao
Group Head, Payment Solutions and Marketing
TotalEMI is a great tool for me for growing my business via Zero Cost EMIs. It has become vital for my customer satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, it comes with a great tracking application through which I track my business performance anytime, anywhere!
Mr. Arjun
Channel 9, Bangalore

Meet our Customers

Over 150,000+ Innoviti POS terminal installations, across multiple industry segments in over 900+ cities, benefit from the promotion-structuring flexibility and best-in-class operating speed (#ViewTxnTime) and reliability (#99%TxnReliability), of the uniPAYNEXT integrated payments processing platform.

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Innoviti’s plug-and-play platform architecture enables multiple players across India’s Payments eco-system to offer their individual value added services and access opportunities to structure joint promotional offers at retail merchants who already use the platform. Partners typically use the platform for a variety of objectives ranging from gaining new users and driving usage volume, to introducing new services or encouraging specific usage habits amongst loyal users.

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