Can your Payment Terminal help you Sell More?

Yes, it can! You may sometimes feel that you are the only one worried about increasing your store sales. But that is not true. The brands whose products you keep need you to sell more. The banks whose credit and debit cards you accept need you to sell more. The UPI applications consumers use to pay to need you to sell more. Innoviti’s award winning and patented payment solutions help you to access payment-linked promotions from these parties so that you can sell more. All of this at a fraction of the cost that you would incur otherwise, and delivered through a product suite that is fine-tuned for your industry and your size of business

What Payment Solutions for Sales Growth Suit your Business Needs?

Flexible Integrated Payment Linked Offers for Large Enterprises

For progressive retailers with multiple stores in multiple locations, designing and sourcing payment and product promotions is not a problem. However flawless and speedy execution of payment promotions across stores is. Explore Innoviti’s uniPAY Next payment product that integrates with your store billing for convenient back-end financial reconciliation; with the front-end capability to flexibly run targeted offers like credit and debit card EMI, Cashbacks, Bank Loyalty Points redemption, payment-linked product Upgrades/Freebies and more

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Ready Payment Linked Offers for Small Independent Businesses

For ambitious entrepreneurs with independent stores, ideas for promotions are many, however sourcing payment and product promotions from brands, and being in control of when which promotion is being given while they are away from the store can be a challenge. Explore Innoviti’s TotalEMI and AnyCard EMI products that are designed for smaller businesses with built-in features such as #KuchBhiOnEMI, a zero-cost EMI facility across all products, iPOS tracker, a real-time monitoring tool and more

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Easy Working Capital for
Small Businesses

For the growth-hungry small business constantly in need of working capital to fuel their aspirations, explore our tech-based digital lending platform,, that makes hassle-free short-term working capital loans available to small businesses when they need it most

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Want the Innoviti Advantage?

Partner of Choice for Payment Eco-system Leaders

Our track record of operational excellence and path-breaking suite of payment-linked sales growth tools makes Innoviti the trusted payments platform for leading players across India’s vast interlinked payments eco-system. Be it large national retail chains or small individual retailers, Credit/Debit card issuing and acquiring Banks, 3rd party/UPI Payment Service Providers (PSPs), Loyalty Points and Employee Benefit card providers, Consumer Lending Institutions or Consumer Product Brands, the multi-sided platform opens a plethora of business growth opportunities for each player.

That’s why Innoviti today processes:

  • US$6.5B in annual transaction processing volume (TPV),
  • Over 4.5% share of all-India offline Digital Payments processing
  • 2 of Top 3 Retailers & 3 of Top 3 Wholesalers in India use Innoviti’s platform.

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What our customers say?

Clean design of iSTAND has added style to my cashier counter. The wires etc remain inside the stand making the counter clutter free. With is simplistic and durable finish, unique color and wonderful utility, it is an indispensable part of my counter. Highly recommended!
Somosree Roy,
R G Cellular, Kolkata
The iSTAND is perfect for my billing counter. We needed something that would allow us to keep the swipe machine properly to avoid damage, and at the same time to keep our desk tidy. It also serves the dual purpose of holding all the wires in place and rotating for PIN entry by the customer. Thank you Innoviti for designing the perfect accessory that is apt, sturdy and elegant.
Prakash Kundu,
Arambagh Food Mart, Kolkata
These 30 day loans are very helpful in growing my business. I can now increase my inventory spread and also stock up more, which leads to more customer satisfaction. One really good part for small merchants like me is that the 30 day period starts only after order delivery.
Mr Bhupal Reddy,
Imperial Kitchen, PSK of TTK Prestige, KR Puram, Bangalore.

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