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Enriching lives by helping people make better purchase decisions

Too many purchase options often lead to the pressure of making the right choice. Innoviti is using technology to address this anxiety, by creating purchase options that help make better purchase decisions. Look out for Innoviti in stores near you to find out more.

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We are a collaborative commerce platform.

Digitization has increased competition by making access to consumers equal for every business. Large merchants are partnering with banks and product brands to create attractive purchase tools such as cashback and no-cost EMIs that urge consumers to buy. However, this is not easy, and for small businesses it is hard.

Innoviti uses technology to bring small and large businesses on a collaboration platform. They collaborate to design and deliver new and unique purchase tools to attract and convert their common customers. Each business extracting more profit from a sale than possible otherwise.

Innoviti delivers these purchase tools through specially designed software for each category, that runs on payment terminals at merchant check-out.

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Who is it for?

For progressive mobile, consumer durable, IT, and electronics merchants, who are losing customers to e-commerce players.

What problem are we solving?

Your loyal customer living near your store now searches for products online, and only walks to the store to fix screen guards. You are facing fewer walk-ins, fewer conversions, and lesser profits.

What is our unique solution?

Innoviti genie helps your customer purchase any product on no-cost EMI, even if there is no brand offer on it. All Innoviti genie stores are also made visible in online searches on bank websites, improving walk-ins. With the Innoviti genie, merchants get more customers, more sales, and more profits.
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Who is it for?

Large pan-India retailers process thousands of purchase transactions every day through multiple tools such as cards, UPI, EMI, cashback, and others.

What problem are we solving?

Large merchants want to provide a choice of attractive purchase options that are not only convenient but also urge consumers to buy more. However, designing and delivering new purchase tools takes time, is unreliable, and leads to reconciliation issues.

What is our unique solution?

Innoviti unipaynext helps your customer make better purchase decisions by not only providing merchants an ability to create new and unique purchase tools easily but also organizing them for a seamless checkout experience. Moreover, all tools are deeply integrated with billing and ERP for straight-through reconciliation. With Innoviti unipaynext, merchants can grow faster with lesser effort.
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Why choose Innoviti for your business?



To enrich lives by helping people take better purchase decisions



To be a part of every purchase decision of every Indian by helping them take better purchase decisions

Obssd with support

Obsessed with support:

16*7 real-time assistance with fully integrated and automated support setup.

Obssd with design

Obsessed with design:

24 patents filed & 2 awarded.

Obssd with excellence

Obsessed with excellence:

India’s first and only payments company to be awarded the SOC3 seal of excellence.


How SMBs are fighting back using Innoviti’s modern technology

Large number of small businesses in India face a tough competition from online players and established large format retailers.

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How can AI tools help merchants in growing their businesses?

Advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ ML) help merchants garner insights that cannot be inferred

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Partnerships with Banks & Brands

Bank Partnerships

Banks benefit by using our advanced payment channels to acquire new current accounts and to increase CASA balances on-demand.

They can also accelerate advances through innovative EMI and Buy Now Pay Later schemes designed on the platform and distributed to 70 million consumers across 1000+ cities.

Brand Partnerships

Brands benefit by using our advanced technology to acquire loyal customers by partnering with banks and merchants whom these customers already trust.

They can open up new customer segments not accessible easily otherwise, accelerating sales with unmatched efficiencies.



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