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    Tools to Master Mobile Sales

    Learn 5Ps to improve mobile sales - Probing, Product Comparison, Pricing, Promotion Comparison, Passion

    Unlock mobile sales

    Tools to Master Mobile Sales

    Innoviti Genie Unlocks Sales Creativity

    Meet Arihanth Electronics, an upscale mobile store from Mysuru. Innoviti Genie has unlocked their sales negotiation and creativity with Innoviti EMI Wallet, to sell anything at the best prices and promotional value; increasing conversions by 20%.

    Arihant Electronics

    Innoviti Genie Unlocks Sales Creativity

    Brand of the Day

    Meet Manjunath, an Assistant Regional Manager from Oppo who talks how Brand of the Day campaigns have helped retailers and promoters to protect their margins while negotiating better with the customers on pricing.Hear what Mr. Rajendra Kamath, CFO-Reliance Retail Grocery (B2C), has to share as insights about Innoviti as a technology partner for Reliance Retail.

    Brand of the Day

    Manjunath from Oppo