Premium Payment Gateway for aspirational businesses

Start accepting payments within 20 minutes, with 99.6% success rate, and grow sales 2X with unique bank-funded promotions through 18+ partner banks! Brought to you by Innoviti, the company that powers payments-based retail SaaS solutions for 9 out of top 10 retailers in India.

Go beyond payments to offer payments-linked bank funded promotions to customers

You want to promote specific products but have limited marketing budget. With Omnium, plan and run promotions with budgets provided by 18+ banks, arranged by Innoviti.

Why will banks fund? Because every time you sell more, they earn more.

Through our advanced promotion engine connected to our insights platform Infiniti, create promotions for individual customers, provide personalised offers and recommendations, and see performance in real-time.

Activate SKU-specific promotions. You can run promotions on specific products to maximize your margins.

Get to know who buys what, when, and how do they pay for it?

Did you know that the cards and apps a customer uses to pay carries insights about the customer’s personality. What if you could marry this insight with what they buy, and when? You would get a 360 degrees customer view.

Omnium’s advanced AI visualization tool Infiniti provides you just that. Deep dive into the history of each transaction or the history of every customer with you.

You can discover deeper and better insights about your customer faster, and then use them to configure new bank-funded promotions through our promotion engine.

Accept credit/debit cards, EMI and UPI

You want to provide choice of payment options to your customer, we help you do that. You can accept payments through Visa, Master, RuPAY credit/debit cards of 100+ banks, credit/debit EMI from 18+ banks and UPI.

Start accepting payments in 20 mins, running promotions in 30 mins.

Running a business is not easy, with Innoviti’s Omnium, we can atleast make accepting payments easy. With online and fully compliant KYC and onboarding processes, we ensure that your business stays safe.

We have an in-principle license from RBI to operate as a payment aggregator and we take our job of running payments for your business very seriously.

  • You want to start accepting payments without any integration – Use our deeplink
  • You want branded pages, with hand-over of payment page to us – Use our check-out pages
  • You want branded pages with full control on customer journey – Use our web and application SDK kits.
  • Every application will get the same set of features, and same promotions can be extended.

Innoviti Payment Gateway Commercials

For Large Grocery Merchant
(Business Digital Payments Online Volume > 5 Cr. per month)
For Small Grocery Merchant
(Business Digital Payments Online Volume <= 5 Cr. per month)
For other Large Merchants
(Business Digital Payments Online Volume > 5 Cr. per month)
For Other Small Merchant
(Business Digital Payments Online Volume <= 5 Cr. per month)

Frequently Asked Questions

A payment gateway is a technological solution that permits the safe transmission of payments during an online transaction between a client and a merchant. It serves as a virtual middleman, making it easier to authorize and handle electronic payments received through multiple channels, including websites, mobile applications, and other digital platforms.

Innoviti provides very flexible payment options which makes it easy for the customers to pay as well as for the merchants to collect. Payment’s modes which are provided by Innoviti include: Card payments (Debit & Credit), UPI . We do not support net banking as it is expensive for the merchants.

You can configure the promotions using our promotion engine, which is capable of managing Bank funded promotions.

Innoviti will arrange for the promotions for its merchants, as it partners with more than 18 major banks.

A two-stage onboarding procedure is offered by Omnium. We complete the KYC and enable you to take payments immediately by only receiving your promoter or director PAN card number and some essential business information. The company location evidence, business proof, and website information are among the KYC documents needed for the second stage. You can submit all this paperwork online, even as you are taking payments from your clients.

Omnium comes with multiple integration options which include web integration, mobile SDKs and server to server integrations, making it feasible for all businesses.

Our promotion platform is designed such that it enables you to configure promotions easily to the finest details which seamlessly integrates with your payment gateway and E-commerce platform thus generating intuitive reports for easy and better understanding. Our server to server integration makes transactions fraud proof.

Omnium provides flexibility in the settlement cycle for the merchants. Merchants will have both the options to settle on the same day or on T+1.

Yes, Omnium PG supports instant refunds, but it also depends on your banks if they provide instant refunds because some banks do the refunds in the form of batches

Omnium can process payments upto INR 2 lakhs easily.


Yes, you can run promotions on any product with Innoviti’s Omnium. Innoviti has come up with tools specially customized for merchants where they can promote any product and increase their sales by 2X.



Axis Bank Limited (EMI)

Axis Bank Ltd - DCEMI

BOB Financial Solutions Limited

Citi Bank N.A (EMI)




ICICI Bank Limited (EMI)


IndusInd Bank Ltd (EMI)

Jammu and Kashmir Bank Limited

Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited - DC EMI

Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd (EMI)

RBL Bank Limited (EMI)

SBI Cards & Payments Services Pvt Ltd

Standard Chartered Bank ( EMI )

The Federal Bank Limited - DCEMI

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp. Ltd (EMI)

Yes Bank Limited (EMI)

With Omnium now you can run bank-funded product-specific promotions, while traditional payment gateways can run only bank-funded bill-value promotions.With this you can reduce the cost of acquisition and retention, while providing new and unique customer experiences.

Yes, Omnium offers assistance for global transactions. We support all major currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, SGD, and AED, and all the main international credit cards.

Yes, we do support multi-user logins and accounts for the dashboard.

Visualization starts from creating interactive dashboards using data visualization tools like Tableau, Power BI, or custom web-based solutions. Omnium dashboards allow you to explore and filter the data dynamically, providing a more comprehensive understanding of your customer's purchase and payment history. Also, by Continuously tracking and monitoring key metrics related to purchase and payment history, such as average order value, customer lifetime value, or payment success rates. Visualizing these metrics over time to identify trends or anomalies that may require attention.

Innoviti’s Omnium pushes the reports and dashboards to Sparcs portal from where you can view and download all kind of reports like daily sales report, EMI transaction report etc for your business