How can AI tools help merchants in growing their businesses?

Advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ ML) help merchants garner insights that cannot be inferred from conventional MIS.

Conventional payment Management Information Systems provide raw and analysed information on transactions accessible through filters. These are primarily used by the Finance department for reconciliation and dispute management.

However, digital payment systems can be utilized for far more , as they provide a real-time eye-in-the-sky view of what is happening across categories and cities in the country.


Innoviti’s SPARCS –

Innoviti’s SPARCS platform provides merchants an x-ray view into their payment operations. It uses AI to intelligently process millions of transaction data points, information along with authoritative information available through public sites to create category and geographic insights.

This helps merchants see what is not visible through their own data and use it for getting that extra sales, extra savings, extra customers.


How can merchants access it?

Insights from SPARCS can be accessed by mainline mobile retailers through their GENIE smart marketing app. Enterprise merchants can directly integrate their own reporting systems with SPARCS through APIs, helping them with one view of their business.

Merchants can also customize their own dashboards, configure alerts, and track performance against targets, enabling them to make faster and more accurate decisions about their business.


Conclusion –

With consistent technological innovation using AI & ML technologies, Innoviti is enabling merchants to use the full power of digital payments beyond inert terminals. SPARCS ensures that our merchant partners get an X-Ray view into their payment operations and use these insights to grow their business faster in their own unique ways. available to merchants and helps them get more out of digital payments than just inert terminals.