The Best Payment Gateway for your Business

A payment gateway is a third-party merchant service provider that authorizes credit and debit card payments. It is a front-end platform installed into the PoS terminals that captures and encrypts transaction data which is later processed to complete the transaction.

Broadly speaking, payment gateways perform three key functions:

  1. Encrypt card information
  2. Check for the availability of funds
  3. Validate and transfer the transaction amount

Innoviti’s aggregator business model relieves merchants from the anxiety of choosing a suitable payment gateway for their business. Our payment solutions are best suited for all forms of retail business and enterprise stores. With a diverse portfolio, our offerings have freed merchants from the worry of payment processing, we do it for you!

What to consider while choosing a payment gateway?

Payment Gateway Charges

When purchasing any product, we naturally consider the price first. For the smooth functioning of your business, it’s important to be aware of the principal costs that come with using a payment gateway at your PoS:

  1. Setup Fee
  2. Monthly Fee
  3. Transaction Fee

Cards Acceptance

In general, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are the most commonly used credit cards. Most payment gateways accept these types of cards. Card acceptance is important to ensure that your payment gateways support other types of cards, such as debit cards or other payment types, if your customers usually pay you using these types of credit or debit cards.

Settlement Time

It’s important for businesses to consider the best payment settlement approach: merchant-initiated/ time-initiated/ host capture/terminal capture. Payment gateway settlement approaches should be chosen based on your business structure and needs. Usually, settlement time can vary from a day to a week. However, if your business requires speedier settlement, Innoviti is your best bet due to their uncontested settlement times.

Multiple Currency

In addition to supporting multiple payment methods, your business should be optimized to accept various currencies. Innoviti’s DCC or Dynamic Currency Conversion is a feature that allows customers to pay in their national currency. Merchants greatly benefit from our terminals as they do not need to go looking for a service provider who ensures the same.

Transactions Limits

You can process a definite number of transactions per month with some payment gateways. Small businesses may not have a problem with this. You should be aware of any transaction limits if you are a business that deals with high-value goods or processes a large number of transactions. Having a payment gateway with the limitless transaction will be beneficial for the business; otherwise, you may lose potential customers as a result.

Integration with Other Systems

A payment gateway can’t function independently. Payment gateway integration is part of an infrastructure, and it is up to you to determine what other payment services your business is in need of.

Integrating your payment gateway with other systems—billing, CRM, etc—will allow you to save a great deal of time and effort since you will not have to manually enter payment information into your accounting system every time a payment is made.

Is Innoviti a secure payment gateway?

Using anti-fraud technology, Innoviti detects and prevents fraudulent transactions.Make the switch to Innoviti as your payment gateway.

Which is the safest payment gateway in India?

The Innoviti payment gateway is at once safe and affordable. Scores of local retail merchants have signed up the Innoviti’s payment solutions due to the value it brings to their business in terms of time efficiency and other added benefits like quality assurance, billing services, payment integration, customer relationship management (CRM).

How many types of payment gateway are there?

Three Types of payment gateways

  • Hosted payment gateways

  • Self-hosted payment gateways

  • API hosted payment gateways


With the right payment gateway, transacting at your store’s PoS will be a breeze! Innoviti Payment Gateway is becoming increasingly popular among small and upcoming businesses as they are aware of the importance of timely payments and is also the preferred choice of India’s top brands. Get the best for your business by choosing Innoviti.