Simplifying Online Transactions with Multiple Payment Options.

For small businesses and retailers on social media, getting new customers means a lot. It has become the norm in the fast-paced digital world to make it easy for a customer to buy products and collect payments easily.

Giving customers the flexibility to choose their desired payment channels and reconciling all the payments in one platform is one of the most challenging aspects of accepting payments in social media channels. If you are thinking of simplifying online transactions with multiple payment options for your customers, this is for you.

Advantages of Implementing multiple Payment options for Retailers and Businesses

Delightful Customer Experiences

Granting customers the flexibility to make payments through various channels such as UPI, Card, or EMI removes conscious barriers in the purchasing journey. This increased flexibility fosters trust in your business, significantly improving the likelihood of potential customers transitioning from browsing to making a purchase.

Real-time Data Analysis

Having one platform with the power of choice stacked into social media selling businesses provides retailers and companies end-to-end transparency into their customers' insights and analytics. This empowerment allows firms to track transaction completion times, monitorpayment statuses, and comprehensively understand their target audience. The wealth of data facilitates informed decision-making to optimize strategies and offerings.


For small retailers and businesses operating within a tight budget, implementing payment options on their websites or applications could incur significant expenses. However, multiple payment options eliminate the need for costly e-commerce platforms or payment platform integrations. You do not need to have multiple solutions for different options, a simple one covers everything!

Better Operations

For individuals engaged in social media selling, effective payment collection and tracking play a pivotal role in streamlining financial management, boosting sales, and fostering heightened customer trust. Smooth transactions empower sellers, guaranteeing a positive and hassle-free shopping experience.

Managing payment collection and tracking can become tedious without the appropriate tools. A good payment collection tool emerges as a valuable solution, facilitating the collection of payments across various modes while offering trackability for your payment links. This, in turn, simplifies customer interactions and collection requests, making the process more efficient and user-friendly.


Efficient payment collection tool for websites, businesses, or applications is necessary for collecting payment; they have become necessary for running a successful social media entrepreneurship strategy. To shape the future of social media selling, businesses need to prioritize a payment method.

  • Keep track of the transaction
  • Receive data, insights, and reports 
  • Prioritize efficiency in online payments 
  • Maximize sales and thrive in this dynamic landscape

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