The Future of Cashless Societies-Digital Payment Tools

We are in an era where the financial industry is experiencing a significant shift towards embracing digital payment tools. Without exception, traditional businesses and small retailers have also begun exploring online payment tools for their benefits, and undoubtedly, it’s proving to be fruitful.

Things are transitioning to a cashless economy as the Internet becomes a daily necessity, especially concerning payments. With digital payment options, one can envision a cashless society where virtually everything can be conducted electronically.

What do digital payment tools mean?

Digital payment options or methods essentially involve any payment conducted digitally. From a customer's perspective, this implies transactions that don't require physical credit cards or debit cards. As a customer, you can use a mobile phone, UPI, card payments, and cordless payment applications to facilitate transactions.
From a business perspective, digital payment tools involve the methods through which customers accept payments. Merchants can utilize applications to accept multiple payment options and reconcile all payment collections. Moreover, it facilitates card-based EMI payments – all of which fall under the umbrella of digital payments. By exploring these digital payment tools, we can move towards a 'Paperless, Cashless' society.

Here are the two most common digital payment tools

Let's review the most common digital payment tools driving customers and businesses toward a cashless economy. Let's go!

Contactless Payment Tools

Contactless payment applications are the first and foremost digital payment tools to accept payments digitally. Various mobile payment tools allow retailers to generate links or checkout pages to receive payments from customers who made purchases without any hassle. By creating payment links, purchasing goods and services becomes quick and easy.

How businesses can relish benefits from contactless payment tools:

If you are a small retailer or a social media entrepreneur, accepting online payments via payment links enables you to collect money effectively. The link contains information about the payment and redirects the customer to the payment page.

Advantages of Using Payment Links for Collecting Online Payments:

  1. Easy and Convenient Online Payment Acceptance: Simplifies the process for
  2. All-in-one Payment Collection: Ensures payment collection with various payment
    modes such as EMI, Card and UPI.
  3. No Need for Customers to Share Bank and Personal Details: Enhances privacy
    and security.
  4. Customized Messages: Allows personalization for a more engaging experience.

Card EMI payment tool

The next big thing that is creating a cashless economy is EMI-based payments. Now, customers can utilize cardless EMI as a payment method, enabling them to convert their payments into EMI plans without needing any credit or debit cards. They can enjoy the EMI experience using credit cards approved by their banks.
Payment tools are crucial in helping businesses maintain customer loyalty and generate leads for a successful e-commerce venture. Merchants simply need a sophisticated application, such as the Innoviti Link application, to create seamless checkout pages, allowing customers to navigate to the ‘Purchase’ button effortlessly.

Advantages of Using This Payment Method

  1.  Bulk Orders: Streamlines payments for multiple transactions.
  2. Better Customer Experience: Enhances overall satisfaction.
  3. Reduced Overhead Costs: Minimizes administrative expenses.
  4. Multiple Payment Options: Accommodates diverse customer preferences.
  5. Flexible Omnichannel Experience: Provides seamless and adaptable interaction across various channels.


Accepting digital payments has become the norm, laying the foundation for a cashless economy. If you are thinking of running a successful business and are truly committed to generating more leads, adopting a state-of-the-art and customized payment collection and tracking app would be advisable. This application will allow you to generate a payment checkout page, create payment links, and establish a thriving business.

Reputable platforms, like the Innoviti Link application, offer payment solutions specifically
tailored for small and medium-sized businesses. Using a secure payment gateway, you can build
trust with your customers and protect their financial information. In an increasingly
interconnected world, leveraging secure payment methods is vital for social media sellers to
thrive in the digital marketplace.