One App One Solution-Say Goodbye To Multiple Payment Methods

Are you a social media entrepreneur or a small retailer conducting business online via social media channels? If so, have you considered the challenges of accepting online customer payments? Payment collection and tracking are among the most challenging aspects of social media selling.
So, it is imperative to understand how you can accept payments without dealing with all of these challenges. When faced with this situation, the first thing that comes to mind is the need for "one solution" for accepting online payments.

One App, One Solution: How does it all begin?

Undoubtedly, running a business on social media is an attractive growth option. However, collecting and tracking payments from different customers and their preferred payment channels can be a nightmare.
Say goodbye to the anxiety of collecting payments Let’s say you have sent them a QR code, phone number, or UPI to pay. But consistently following up with the customer to check whether they have paid or not can affect your relationship. Asking for screenshots of payments can certainly damage the trust factor. What about your anxiety due to the lack of visibility into what the customer is doing about your payment? We have answers to all your problems and questions in a one-stop solution. With our solution, you can effortlessly track payments without repeatedly asking customers the same question. It also empowers you to check insights in real time.Say goodbye to managing multiple customers messages You’re likely familiar with the constant situation- when you need to check numerous customer messages, ensuring they are paying for the correct product. It’s a common scenario where customers ask these questions:
  1. Is my product selection accurate?
  2. Is the payment amount correct?
  3. Is the payment going to the intended merchant?   
Our application empowers merchants to assist their customers in making informed decisions. When customers proceed with the payment, a picture of their selected product, along with the amount, contact details, and business name, will pop up. This ensures customers feel confident, fostering loyalty to the business. Streamline reconciliation and customer history tracking  Do you need clarification on who has made payments and desires a real-time report? Traditionally, you would need to check transactions within the app or wait until the next day for a report. However, when you have payment collections tracking features in one application, you can bid farewell to hassles. You can instantly access your reconciliation report 24/7, delivered directly to your mailbox or WhatsApp as an Excel sheet. Additionally, you can gain valuable insights into your customers’ purchasing history to cultivate loyalty through tailored offers.


Let’s wave our hands to the happiness of real-time tracking customer payments. Innoviti link simplifies this process with a single snapshot. Elevate your payment collection experience today and embrace the future of payments with our efficient, cost-effective, and transparent solution. Upgrade now for a simple and stress-free financial management experience.