The Role of Payment Links in E-Commerce Success

The e-commerce market has become the main driver of payment innovations. Merchants are using Payments links to win on the battlefield of social media supremacy. These links provide customers with a simple, convenient, and active way to pay and businesses with a simplified way to accept payments online.

If you are new to this world or have been juggling to find the best application to generate payment links, this article is for you. Read on to discover how payment links are driving e- commerce business success.

What is a payment link?

A payment link, also referred to as 'Pay by Link,' enables e-commerce businesses to send a link to customers, guiding them to a checkout page to complete a purchase. This link is received on WhatsApp leading to a checkout page featuring a buy button, or a digital link leading to a page where customers can choose their preferred payment channel. Payment links are used in various contexts, including social media, webpages, applications, and sometimes in messaging tools.

It is important to note that each product or service a business offers should have its unique link. So, whenever a customer makes a purchase, they will be directed to a special payment page.

Role of Payment Links in E-Commerce Success

Let's list why e-commerce businesses drive towards payment links to generate revenue and lead a successful entity.

Convenience: Payment links are making it easier for businesses to send customer payment requests from anywhere, anytime, without asking for cash or physical cards. This kind of convenience is leading to higher customer loyalty and retention. For every new purchase, the customer is directed toward a checkout page with a payment option, which gives them a sense of convenience.

Transparency: Payment links can be customized according to the business requirement. Let’s say a business wants to add specific details about the product, a picture of a bill, shipping address, customer details, or even entity details; it can customize it aptly.
Cost-effectiveness: Online payment links help you improve margins, with no charges to your business, no rentals to be paid, and no inconvenient hidden charges. This helps you as a business to generate more revenue without investing a hefty amount to generate multiple payment links for customers to accept payments online.

Choice: Payment links cater to various transactions, encompassing UPI payments, online purchases, bill payments, EMI transactions, and more. They provide a clear insight into customers’ activities during the purchase process. Businesses gain a better understanding when a customer opens the link or initiates the payment, facilitating a fruitful relationship with customers.


Payment links have been making the payment process more accessible and more straightforward for businesses operating in the e-commerce space. Options like the Innoviti Link application allow you to design flexible, customized, and easy-to-use payment links aligned to your business needs and objectives. Click here to learn more about our payment link solution that can help your business grow!