Problems Faced By Small Online BusinessSellers

When starting a small business online, multiple factors go into making the business successful. A few hiccups can lead to a big mess.
The most common problems are creating the right content, targeting the right customers, accepting payments online and experiencing instant settlement. Many things come into play while processing payments and making customers meet the instant settlement payment terminal.

Top 3 Problems Online Business Sellers Face

The products/services of a single entity go through a series of hoops before reaching customers. To ensure that everything becomes fruitful at the end of the day, it is essential to look at the typical problems that could affect the organization's acceptance of online payments.
  1. Creating the Right Content- Creating the right content is crucial for any online business or digital marketing strategy. It involves understanding your audience, delivering value, and engaging effectively. Here are key points to consider:
    • Know Your Audience: Understanding who your audience is, what products they need, and are interested in is the first step. Market research, attractive product listing, and active engagement is key to your brochure.
    • Value and Relevance: The content should provide value to your audience. What your customer buys from you should be relevant to their problems. It should be relevant to their interests and needs.
    • Consistency and Quality: Regularly posting high-quality content helps in building a loyal audience. Quality is crucial — this means well-researched, well-written, and visually appealing content.
  2. Maintaining Customers’ Loyalty

    Social media sellers are losing around 3 out of 5 customers to cart abandonment because of payment failure and unsophisticated payment channels. Establishing and maintaining trust with customers is a significant challenge for online sellers.

    Without physical interaction, it can be difficult to build a rapport with customers. Issues like ensuring product quality, managing customer expectations, dealing with negative reviews, and providing excellent customer service are critical in gaining trust.

    • Consistent Product Quality:Ensure that the products sold meet or exceed the quality expectations set in product descriptions and imagery. Regular quality checks and choosing reliable suppliers can aid in this.
    • Personalized Marketing: Use customer data to personalize marketing efforts. Tailored recommendations, personalized emails, and targeted promotions can enhance customer experience and loyalty.
    • Community Building: Engage with customers on social media platforms, create a sense of community through interactive content, and encourage user-generated content. This increases engagement and fosters a stronger connection between customers and the brand.
  3. Accepting Payments Online

    Accepting payments online is a critical aspect of running an online business. It involves choosing the right payment gateway and ensuring a secure, convenient, and efficient process for customers. Here are some considerations:

    • Payment Option Selection:Choose a payment option that is reliable and suits your business needs. Consider factors like transaction fees, payment methods supported and integration with your website or e-commerce platform.
    • Delightful and Smooth Purchase Experience: The payment process should be smooth and delightful. Minimize the number of steps required to complete a transaction, provide clear instructions, and ensure your website’s checkout page loads quickly.
    • Multiple Payment Options: Offering multiple payment options can increase conversions. Include popular options like credit/debit cards, EMI, and UPI to cater to audience choice.


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