10 benefits of shopping from your nearby store

When was the last time you could bargain before purchasing? Do you feel hand-twisted when shopping online?

But in offline shopping, it is not like that as it’s up to you how much you can bargain. Offline shopping is best for you if you have privacy issues as they won’t store your personal details and will not harm your privacy in any way. These are some of the pros of offline shopping but there is more on the plate.


The next time you plan to shop, go offline as it is the first choice for many as there are many perks of shopping from your nearby stores-


1. Instant delivery because nobody likes to wait –

This is one of the most popular reasons why many people still prefer offline shopping over online shopping because you can get what you want without any delay. In offline shopping, you look around for products, pick the ones you like, compare them, buy the best ones and get satisfaction with the purchases made. When shopping online, you browse for a long time, place an order and wait for delivery. After receiving, when you don’t like the product, you replace it and repeat the buying process again. This can make the buying process very time-consuming and frustrating.

Suppose your phone gets damaged and you need a mobile phone on an urgent basis now you are left with two options: one is to order online and wait for the delivery and second is you immediately go to the brick and mortar shop and buy the phone using GENIE from your nearby retailers without compromising on online offers.


2. Feel your product

The touch and feel of the product play an important role in the buying decision of consumers, especially when it involves a huge investment like buying a mobile phone, laptop, etc. There we need to check the device’s performance, and hence consumers still hesitate to buy these products online because we don’t have this option in online stores.


3. Quick and easy return

Returning any product is very easy in offline shopping, unlike online mode. The customer receives the refund or replacement immediately.


4. Joy and Excitement of shopping

The joy and excitement of buying offline is not there in online shopping, as you get satisfaction while shopping with your friends or family. Shopping is a feel-good activity, and it is missing in online shopping because of the no-touch and feel option. People go with their friends and family to malls and small retail shops and enjoy it as a hangout activity.


5. Personalized recommendations from the sellers

When you shop online, it takes a lot of time to find a best-fit product to meet the requirement because it involves the proper research about the latest trends in the market and comparing different websites for better deals. But when you shop offline, sellers already know what is in trend, what best buys they are having and also tell you their personalized recommendations as they are the ones who are selling the product to many customers.


Like when you visit your nearby mobile store, the seller will tell you about the GENIE offers and which product will meet your requirements.


6. Fewer Fluctuations in the product price

While purchasing online, we often wait for months before buying the product due to price fluctuation. But in offline shopping, you don’t have to wait for long as you can purchase the product directly from your nearby store at a reasonable price and get better deals than online.


No need to keep looking for discounts on electronics on online E-Commerce sites because now you can get the best deals at your nearby stores because now they have innoviti GENIE with them


7. Pay by cash or other options

It has become so common in stores to provide many options to pay by cash or other options like debit cards, credit cards, UPI, QR codes, etc., which allows people to buy more offline. It has made the buying process convenient for the end-user and has made the payment system hassle-free for both end-users and sellers.


Many retailers now use innoviti’s one stop payment solutions like UNIPAYNEXT and GENIE at their stores, which has made their lives easier and brought many customers.


8. Payment Safety

There is always a fear in online transactions that your cash may be stuck, not paid in time, Double debit etc. The payment process is transparent in offline shopping, so there is no worry as buyers and sellers are on the same page. You can know how safe your payment is by clicking on the link


9. you know your seller

When you buy offline, you somehow know your seller and can approach him whenever required, hence you feel it less risky to buy offline from your nearby stores. Sometimes they also provide a discount from their margin if you know them well.


10. People with less knowledge of the digital world

Many people are still not as privileged to have internet and smartphone devices to buy online; they are mainly rural and illiterate. These people have offline shopping as the only best option.


If you are a person who sees, smells, feels and physically verifies and authenticates before buying something or someone who gets personal satisfaction from a real shopping experience then you truly understand the feel of offline shopping. It gives you the experience, a memory, sometimes with either yourself or with the ones you love. This whole process of exploration, comparison, and selection can teach and reveal a lot about human interactions and their behavior.


Many people are moving towards online shopping because of the lucrative offers there but now even offline stores provide better deals and customers can avail the benefit of the online purchase benefit along with an offline purchase.